Requirements for Vietnam business visa for Indian citizens

Vietnam business visa has 2 types: a single entry visa and a multiple entry visa. The multiple entry visa is very useful in case Indian citizens want to leave Vietnam to visit Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand and then turn back to Vietnam for flight home. However, both are valid for 3 months and can be extended or renewed after they expire. Application for business visa can be made through the embassy of Vietnam and through travel agents.

Requirements for paper application at embassy
If you travel to Viet Nam for business or to attend conferences, your host organizations/partners/invitees will need to arrange for your visa directly with the Immigration Office of Vietnam by themselves. When the visa is granted, your host will receive an approval letter from the Immigration Office which allows you to collect Vietnam business visa at the embassy in your country before traveling. You can collect the visa by bringing your passport, a completed application form, maybe further supporting documents and a copy of the approval letter to the embassy.

Before submitting the documents, make sure that you are well aware of what Vietnam business visa requirements are for your case. The embassy prefers to provide assistance on case by case. However, to receive the assistance, you have to provide the necessary documents by email in advance. They include copy of valid passport, a completed application form and invitation letter. Then, you will be contacted by embassy staff by email or telephone.

Requirements for visa on arrival application
According to the new changes in issuing Vietnam business visa, it is harder for the Indian applicants to receive the letter of visa approval through travel agents. However, a few travel agents are still able to help you get Vietnam business visa. You can contact to the travel agents you trust to ask for more specific information. Generally, in order to apply for visa approval letter, you still need:

1. Online visa application form

2. Credit/debit card: to make the payment after the application form is well submitted

Normally, visa approval for Indian is ready to go within 2 business days. After getting the letter, you make sure the following documents to be ready for submission at arrival airport:

- Original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity prior to date of entry into Vietnam

- 01 recent passport photograph

- Completed entry-exit form (the form is usually provided with the letter)

- Print copy of the approval letter

- Stamping fee (cash only, USD or VND are acceptable): 25$ for single visas, 50$ for multiple visa.